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May 2017

I'm currently finishing overdubs and mixing Royal Wood's new album. This is the third studio album I've worked on with him (plus a live concert recording)! I've also been working with Peter Katz on french versions of songs from his latest album. The first single we did ("Brother") went to #1 on commercial radio in Quebec this spring.

I just mixed the new single for James Barker Band (Universal), which hitting country radio at the end of the summer.

I've been spending more time in LA recently, and have had two writing trips there with Sarah Boulton and Jadea Kelly. I also signed a sync rep deal with Peer Music in the U.S.

Other recent projects: Sean Pinchin's album "Monkey Brain" was nominated for a 2016 Juno Award. Congrats Sean! I also Juno winner Steve Strongman's new album, mixed new music for Polaris nominee Zaki Ibrahim, co-pro/record/mixing new tracks for an upcoming Grand Analog album (2x WCMA Rap Album of the Year winners), writing/producing new singles for country artist Lindsay Broughton, and mixing some projects for L.A. producer Bill Lefler including Allie Moss (Ingrid Michaelson).

CBC has shown lots of love to recent releases. Royal Wood's new single "Long Way Out" was the fifth single in the past year or so that I've worked on that's landed in the Radio 2 Top 20. Beth Moore's new record Five Out Of Ten (produced, recorded, mixed) was released in the spring and 2 singles ("Say That Again" and "Ok Ok" went straight into high rotation on CBC Radio 2 and were in the Top 20 (#3 and #5 respectively). Peter Katz's "We Are The Reckoning" (record & mix) is also out and the first single "Brother" went to #3 on the CBC Top 20. The video already has over 100k views on youtube. His other new video for We Are The Reckoning is gorgeous, human, and moving - check it out.

Composing: I've composed theme and/or score for over a dozen TV series in the past couple years including CBC's "Redemption Inc", and Global's Gemini Award winning "16x9 The Bigger Picture." Also on air now/recently: "Vegas Rat Rods" (Discovery) and "Don't Drive Here" (Discovery)."Prank Science" (Discovery), "Natural Born Dealers (Discovery), "Sibling Rivalry" (HGTV), Global Morning Show, "Context" (Global), and Last Car Standing (Discovery).

Studio: I picked up a few new additions to the analog arsenal: a pair of Chandler Germanium Tone Control EQ's, a sweet matched pair of Coles 4040 ribbon mics, and a Chandler TG-1 (that Abbey Road Ringo drum sound!). Some new instruments too: Moog Sub 37, and a Yamaha YC 20 combo organ from the 70's.

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Winnepeg Free Press - Winnepeg - April 7th, 2009
Grand Analog (Metropolis Is Burning)

Is it too early to pick our hottest album of 2009? Yes? Too bad, we're doing it anyway. Last week, Grand Analog head honcho Odario Williams announced the local alt-hip-hop collective would release its sophomore album, Metropolis is Burning, on May 29. If that weren't tease enough, Williams put the album's first single, Electric City, up for download at If ears could drool...

Exclaim! Magazine - December 2008
Valery Gore (Avalanche To Wandering Bear)
By Scott A. Gray

Jazz pop doesn't usually inspire gushing accolades over its brilliance but thankfully Valery Gore deals in a natural blend of musical sensibilities more suited to a fair trade mom and pop coffee shop than Starbucks. Her classical piano chops drive most of the songs found on "Avalanche to Wandering Bear," but it's the compositions that should garner the highest praise. Gore's voice is a beautifully silky instrument that's sure to be compared to Feist's golden pipes but her songs are positively brimming with tasteful vibrancy in their arrangements and structures. Three tracks of stately pop perfection open the disc before the jazz-fusion of "Scared" lights a rhythmic fire under the listener's ass with an unabashedly complex groove. It's the mark of a great album when each song has such a distinct feel while remaining cohesive and well paced in the overall flow. "Knife Dream" sounds like something Sarah Slean would sell a million tears to write and never achieve. One of the best written and produced records of the year that should establish Valery Gore among the strongest female voices currently writing music.

The Toronto Sun - Toronto - January 7, 2009
Valery Gore (Avalanche To Wandering Bear)
By Errol Nazareth

(Avalanche to Wandering Bear) was easily one of the most curiously titled independent releases of '08. And if you were curious enough, your ears would have rewarded with some of the most unpredictable, catchy and adventurous pop being made in this city...It's completely original and there's no reason why Gore should not be rewarded with the same love and glowing press that, say, Feist has received...Easily one of the album's selling points is the fact that every song has its own identity and sound.

Peter Katz and the Curious (More Nights)
By Andrew Seale

(Peter Katz) breathes life into Jeff Buckley's unique stream of folk music and for a moment garners smiles from those who worshipped the genre. But Katz by no means lives in Buckley's shadow. he carves his own niche in teh industry and delivers a unique blend of folk with a vintage sound reminiscent of Ron Sexsmith...More Nights is a definitively Canadian album drawing an east coast rhythmic sensibility, blended with a prairie-like abandonment, and a west coasters point of view...Peter Katz embodies Canadian folk.

I grew up playing music and I still get to every day.

Guitar was first (ok it was actually clarinet first, but I'm not counting that), then a bunch of other stuff that makes sound. Except drums. I suck at drums. And I have nothing against clarinet.

I started as a session guy: guitar, bass, mandolin, keys, dulcimer, accordion, and other things unequally well.

These days I produce records-arrange, record, mix. I'll often play on them too. I've been mixing quite a few records for other producers too.

I also write music for picture: film, TV, and commercials. I get to work with three other great composers at The Hive ( on lots of great stuff that get seen around the world.

I'm into any sound that’s real and makes me feel something. Irony is easy and boring.

Some people say that the song is everything. I don't believe that. Everything is everything.

We always start with lots of pre-production. It’s the way it used to be, and the way it should be.

I like recording people playing together in a good room, especially to tape. I really dig the sound of my Studer 2 inch 16 track.

I like the smell of tape too. I like old microphones, preferably German. I love ribbon mics.

I think that most important part of my job is to help musicians get great performances, not to fix stuff later.

But ProTools is cool too. Whatever works. Digital can sound great. I do like the stuff with wires, knobs, transformers and tubes better, though. It sounds like electricity.

Running sounds through good/bad/weird/cool/old/new gear is fun. But really, the player and instrument make the sounds in the first place, and so  the studio is running out of space to put all the instruments. Hammonds, Wurlies, Rhodes, Moogs, Gretchs,  Gibsons, Fenders,  Leslies, Boogies, Marshalls, Arps, Clavs, Nords, Prophets, Korgs, Bellinis, Beltones, Magnatones, Hohners, Heintzmanns, Slingerlands.  

It's a little bit weird to write a biography about yourself in the third person, so I didn't do that. But I did have a writer friend of mine read this over. She thought I should mention that some records I've made have been nominated for some awards (Juno, East Coast Music Awards, Western Canadian Music Awards, Music Nova Scotia Awards, Gospel Music Awards and such).

ph: 416.892.4896


I love making records-—the rush of hearing tunes come together for the first time in pre-production, the musical energy captured when putting bed tracks down with everyone playing hard at the same time, the steady daily build and experimenation of overdubs, the refining process of editing and comping, the courage of creating and committing to a mix, and the joy (and relief) of hearing the whole thing become a “record” in mastering.
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- Steve Strongman "A Natural Fact" 2012 (Independent): Mix, Engineer. (JUNO winner)
- Grand Analog "Modern Thunder" 2013 (Urbnet): Mix, Record, Co-produce)
- Grand Analog “Metropolis Is Burning” 2009 (Urbnet): Mix (WCMA Rap Album of the Year)
- Rob Szabo "Rob Szabo" 2011 (Independent): Mix, Engineer
- Saidah Baba Talibah "(S)cream" 2010 (Independent): Mix, Engineer
- Peter Katz "Still Mind Still" 2012 (Independent): Mix, Engineer
- Peter Katz “First of the Last” 2010 (Curve/Sony): Mix (CFMA Nominated)
- Ian Sherwood "And Now The Fun Begins" 2010 (Independent): Engineer, Mix (ECMA Nominated)
- Layah Jane "Honey" 2010 (Independent): Mix, Engineer, Musician
- Nine Mile “Country Porno Electric Fireplace” 2009 (Xiola/Universal): Producer, Musician, Engineer, Mix
- Enter The Haggis “Gutter Anthems” 2009 (UFO): Producer, Engineer, Mix
- Valery Gore “Avalanche to Wandering Bear” 2008 (Do Right!): Musician, Engineer, Mix
- Life Support “Roar of Heaven” 2008 (Indy): Producer, Musician, Engineer, Mix (JUNO, ECMA Nominated)
- Peter Katz “More Nights” 2007 (Curve/Universal): Producer, Musician, Engineer, Mix
- Enter The Haggis “Soapbox Heroes” 2006 (UFO): Add. Prod. & Engineer (Prod: Neil Dorfsman)
- Life Support “Life Support” 2006 (Independent): Mix, Master (ECMA Nominated)

film | tv | composer
I’ve been working with the guys at The Hive for five years now (Oliver Johnson, Andrew Seok, DJ Catalist, Paul Gillespie and Craig Pady), and we’ve had the chance to make music and create sound design for a ton of national and worldwide ad campaigns. Some of the highlights are Dove’s “Little Girls” spot for award winning worldwide “Campaign for True Beauty”, Samsung’s worldwide World Cup and Olympic sponsorship spots, Visa’s Olympic campaign, and US national spots for the NFL, Cingular, AT&T. I love that I get to work on such a wide range of music (one day we’ll be doing big cinematic orchestral stuff, the next day rock, the next day hip hop, the next electro….
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Beyer Aspirin
Beyer One A Day
Beyer Canesten
Cincinnati Bell
CMC World Markets
Dairy Queen
Dove (True Beauty campaign)
Dove Chocolate
Global News
Kellogs Mini Wheats
Kellogs Rice Krispies
Kellogs Vector
Mountain Dew
National Football League
Salvation Army
Sun Life Financial
Swiss Chalet
XM Radio
Cincinnati Bell
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Film & TV
Much of the scoring work I’ve done is done with the other composers at The Hive. One of the things I love about scoring film and television with the Hive is that we all bring different strengths and perspectives to the same picture, which keeps things fresh over the course of a TV series or film.  We’re all composers as well as record producers: Oliver Johnson, Andrew Seok, and DJ Catalist, and I think you can hear it in the music. 2011 was a super busy year - we composed themes and some scores for 10 new TV series including CBC's "Redemption Inc." with Kevin O'Leary, Global's Gemini Award winning weekly news magazine "16x9" (which I also did post mixing for), and a few series for Discovery Channel ("Inventions", "Prank Science", and more). 
Credits Click Here - See The Clips
Show Network Role
Addicted to Plastic
Redemption Inc
16x9 The Bigger Picture
The Shift
Canada’s Worst Driver 3, 4, 5, 6 
Canada’s Worst Handyman 3, 4, 5br /> Inventions That Shook The World
Building the Biggest
The Strangest Alien Stories Ever Told
TV Made Me Do It
Junk Raiders 1,2,3
One Hundred Huntley Street
4 Weddings Canada
Much Music
Discovery, CTV
Discovery, CTV
Global TV, TVtropolis
Global, CTS
theme; score
theme; score
theme; score
theme; score
theme; score
theme; score
theme; score
theme; score
theme; score
theme; score
theme; score
theme; score
photos | studio
My studio is part of The Hive—a cooperative space with 3 other studios. It’s not fancy, but everyone loves the vibe, and we’ve got the place stuffed with an amazing collection of instruments and gear (especially keys: we’ve got a couple sweet Hammonds, a cranky 100 year old Heintzmann upright that brings out everyone’s inner Tom Waits, Rhodes, Wurly, Clav, Pianet, and bunch of analog synths by Moog, Korg, Arp, Sequential Circuits, etc). While I usually do bed tracks for records in studios with big live rooms and 2” tape decks (such as MetalWorks), we’ve got a couple cool sounding spaces to record drums (a lively room and a dry booth), and I really like the sound of my control room for mixing and booth for overdubs.

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gear list

Gear List:

Recorders / Computers / Playback:

Studer A80 MKIII 2" 16 Track
Studer Auto Locator/Remote
Mac Pro "Nehalem" 8 Core 2.26
Pro Tools 9 HD
Lynx Aurora 16 AD/DA
Technics SL1200 MKII turntable

*download gearlist below for plugin list*

Mobile Recording:

Macbook Pro 15" 2.53 Core 2 Duo
RME Fireface 400
Pro Tools 9


Focal Solo 6be
Adam A7
Yamaha NS-10
Bryston 2B LP Amp
Hear Technologies Hear Back system
Hear Technologies 600MV wireless talkback


AKG 451 EB
AKG 452
AKG D112
Audix i5
Coles 4038 (x2)
Electrovoice N/D 408B (x4)
Groove Tubes AM51
Groove Tubes AM62
Microtech Gefell UM70
Microtech Gefell UM92s
Neumann U87
Neumann KM 84 (x4)
Royer 121
Shure Beta 52
Shure SM7b (x2)
Shure SM57 (x3)
Shure SM57 (transformerless)
Shure Unidyne III
Senheisser MD 421 (x2)
Senheisser 509 "Blackfire"
Senheisser 609
Yamaha Subkick

To download the latest gear list
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Analog Gear:

A Designs Hammer HM2EQ
Airfield Audio Liminator 2
Alan Smart C1
API 2500
API 3124+
API 5500
Avalon 737sp
Chandler Germanium (Mic Pre's) (x2)
Chandler/EMI TG-1 (w/slow attack option mod)
Chandler/EMI TG-2
Manley Massive Passive
Retro Instruments 2a3
SansAmp RBI
Shure SE30
Slate Pro Audio Dragon
SPL Transient Designer TD4
SSL Sigma Summing Mixer
Thermionic Culture Rooster
TL Audio C1
UA 1176 LN

Effects & Studio Tools:

Eventide H3000 Harmonizer
Korg GR-1 (Stereo Spring Reverb)
Korg Stage Echo (Tape Echo)
Little Labs IBP
Yamaha SPX90 II


Arp Odyssey
Bauer Starmaster Combo organ
Gulbransen Pacemaker (built in Leslie)
Hammond C3 with Leslie 122 (circa 1959)
Hammond C2 (with TrekII) (1950’s)
Heintzmann upright piano (circa 1906)
Hohner D6 Clavinet
Hohner Pianet
Fender Rhodes 74 MKII Stage Piano
Korg MS 2000B
Korg Trinity
Korg Univox II
Moog Concertmate MG1
Moog Little Phatty
Nord Lead 2
Roland Juno 106
Roland Jupiter 6
Roland String Machine RS-202
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
Wurlitzer 200 Stage Piano
Willis & Co. Pump Organ (A440 tuning)


Fender 12-String Acoustic
Fender Stratocaster
Fender P-Bass (1970’s)
Gibson ES-335
Gibson Lap Steel (1930's)
Gibson Les Paul Standard (with Bigsby)
Gibson "Phil Leadbetter" Dobro (square neck)
Gibson "Cromwell" L00 Acoustic (1930's)
Gretsch Tennessee Rose
Larrivee L5
Larrivee L9
Magnatone Varsity Lap Steel
Takamine acoustic bass
Yamaha classical guitar
Baritone Guitar


Yamaha Beech Custom 4pc Drum kit
Slingerland Snare (14" x 8") (1970’s)
Drum Workshop Maple Snare (14" x 6")
Pearl Brass Piccolo Snare (14" x 4")
Yamaha Congas
Yamaha Timbales
Percussion (various)

Miscellaneous Stuff:

Fender 5 String Banjo
Hondo Mandolin
Epiphone Mandolin
Hammer Dulcimer (made by my Grandfather!)
Mountain Dulcimer
Bellini Accordion
Tin Whistles (various)
Harmonicas (various)
Tenor Ukulele
Thumb Piano
Guitar / Bass Amps:

Ampeg B15 "Fliptop" (1960's)
Beltone 2x10” combo (1950’s)
Bogner Duende 30W (Head)
Fender Dual Professional
Fender Super Reverb (1974)
Fender Twin (1970's Silverface)
Leslie 825 w/Combo II Preamp
Roland Jazz Chorus

Guitar Effects & Pedals:

Adrenalinn 2.0
Arbiter Fuzz Face
Boss Chorus Ensemble (CE-1)
Crybaby Wah
Danelectro Octave Fuzz
Diamond J-Drive MK3
Diamond Memory Lane
Diamond Tremolo
DOD Super American Metal
DOD Envelope Filter
DOD Milk Box
ElectroHarmonix Big Muff Pi
Fulltone OctaFuzz
Fulltone FullDrive 2
Germanium Fuzz (custom)
Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9
Line 6 Pod XT
Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler
Line 6 MM4 Modulation Modeler
Moog Moogerfooger (MF-101)
Moog Moogerfooger (MF-107)
MXR Distortion +
ProCo RAT (80’s)
Heil Talk Box
Verellen "Big Spider" Fuzz
Vox Wah

-Tim endorses Larrivee Guitars and Diamond Pedals-